What are the benefits of consuming navara rice flakes/aval?

Navara Rice Flakes

In this health-conscious world, everyone is so conscious of their health and is in search of healthy items to consume every now and then. If you are health conscious and in search of healthy items to consume, then Navara rice flakes are for you. They have numerous health benefits and are known as “superfoods.” It is also known as “poha” and is a gluten-free ingredient. If you are someone who is allergic to wheat, then it can be the best option for you as it is gluten-free.

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People also know this rice by the name “medicinal plant,” and it is found in Kerala. Also, this rice is believed to be a very precious grain for people because it is easily digestible and can be consumed by people of all ages.

Some Benefits of Consuming Navara Rice Flakes Include:

  1. Baby food substitute: You can boil navara and give it to your babies; this is an excellent baby food substitute. It is totally safe and gives energy to babies. Also, if the babies are underweight, it can be used as a weight gainer.
  2. Helps in digestion: Because it is rich in fiber, it helps by bulking up your baby’s stool and easing the digestive process. It helps to clear you out; it helps in eliminating bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.
  3. Strengthen the immune system: Another and perhaps the greatest benefit of this grain is that it is full of Vitamin C. As we all know, vitamin C is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. This is because it stimulates the white blood cells, and these cells are extremely beneficial for the body.
  4. Is anti-aging: Navara rice has an impressive amount of iron and antioxidants present in it. As a result, they can help reduce the signs of aging and their anti-aging effects. It also helps in neutralising free radicals.
  5. Stave off hunger cravings: These rice flakes keep you full for a longer period of time and therefore reduce your hunger cravings. Also, it is rich in essential nutrients and minerals, which makes it a very healthy option to consume.

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