Alphonso Mango Origin: Here’s How India’s Favourite Alphonso Mango Got Its Name

Alphonso Mango Origin

Every summer, as the sun goes high hot winds begin blowing up. There’s one sweet fruit that brings joy to our taste buds: mangoes! 

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Among the many homegrown mango varieties in India. The Alphonso—affectionately known as “hapus” is the best. 

But did you know that this regal mango owes its name to a Portuguese emperor? Let’s peel back the layers of history and discover how the Alphonso mango got its sweet name and what does alphonso name means.

The Portuguese Connection

In the fifteenth century, a Portuguese general named Alfonso De Albuquerque set foot on Indian soil. His mission? To establish Portuguese colonies. 

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He started with the vibrant state of Goa. But Alfonso wasn’t just any military leader. He was a visionary who introduced the “Columbian Food Exchange.” 

This exchange program brought exotic fruits and vegetables from distant lands to India, including fiery red chilies, maize, and juicy tomatoes.

Among these all these foods, Alfonso had a particular craving for mangoes. However, the mangoes he encountered in India were of the “sucking type”—soft, pulpy, and perfect for squeezing by hand. 

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Alfonso wanted something different. He desired mangoes that could be “cut and served” on European tables, where they were being exported. So, he took matters into his own hands and wanted to create these lush mangoes.

Grafting and Discovery

In the sunny state of Goa, Portuguese botanists began grafting mango plants. They wanted to grow a new mango variety that would please Emperor Alfonso’s taste. 

After much experimentation, they stumbled upon a mango variety that ticked all the boxes: firm, sweet, and utterly delicious. And this is how the Alphonso mango was born.

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From Goa to Your Plate

If you are wondering where is alphonso mango grown? Today, the Alphonso mango thrives along the Konkan Coast, a beautiful stretch of land in western India The Ratnagiri Hapus, one of the finest and most expensive Alphonso variants, comes from this region. 

But it’s not just about taste. It’s about culture too. In Indian households, the Hapus is not just a fruit, it’s a celebration. These mangoes are reserved for special occasions and those hot summer afternoons when only its juicy sweetness can provide solace.

Let us take you to those afternoons, let’s imagine a table filled with sliced Alphonso mangoes, ready to be savored. And the race begins! Family members eat all the pulpy pieces, leaving only the gutli (seed of mango) behind.

A Sweet Legacy

For generations, the Alphonso mango has shaped the way Indians enjoy this golden fruit. Who would have thought that India’s favorite summer fruit came to be known because of a Portuguese king’s culinary ambitions? Well, it’s true.

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So, the next time you lose yourself in the slice of hapus. Remember the fascinating tale behind its origin, and where you can find these delicious Alphonso mangoes without any alternations.

We wish you a summer filled with sunshine, happiness, and lots of Alphonso mangoes!

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