How to Change our Lifestyle Post-COVID

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Humanity is facing the worst times ever; this COVID-19 pandemic has led us to think that there is more to life than what we ever imagine. COVID-19 has hit us hard, and the only race right now seems the race to survival.
There have been numerous messages circulated on what to do and what not to do to save oneself from COVID-19. As we all know there is no one treatment for COVID-19, it has been advised to drink herbal tea, herbal drinks, consume food items rich in Vitamin C to boost immunity, drink turmeric milk, etc. We need to understand that immunity cannot increase overnight, and habits don’t change overnight. It is a lifestyle change one needs to make, life is anyway not normal, business is not as usual, and life will not be normal for some time.
Things we need to change in our lifestyle post-COVID-19:
Practice Yoga
Yoga has been practised since ancient times. Yoga is a discipline; through which one can practice different postures, deep breathing exercise and meditation. With most of us stuck at home and the increased risk of COVID-19 attacking the respiratory system, we need to practice Pranayama. Pranayama will not only strengthen the respiratory system, but it also relaxes the mind and body, thereby increasing the immunity. Besides boosting immunity, it increases energy levels, improves digestion, improves sleep, copes stress, improves concentration, reduces catabolic activity, increases anabolic activity and many more benefits.
Healthy Eating
We have been ignoring this vital element that can lead to a healthy life. Most of the issues that we face are due to bad eating habits. We want to eat global cuisines, try different varieties, eat processed food, but to live a healthy life, we should focus on eating something that is locally produced and free from harmful chemicals. Organic Farming has been a rage for the past few years, though it is not new in India, due to an increase in pollution in the environment, there has been a need for sustainable production. Also, organic Farming focuses on the eco-friendly ways of production, thereby reducing the use of synthetic materials.
Conventional Farming is not only bad for the environment but leads to various health issues as well as a lot of synthetic material are used. Organic Farming is natural, and the fruits and vegetables produced through Organic Farming are loaded with nutrients.
Focus on boosting immunity
A good immune system fights against diseases. Immunity is the buzzword these days; during this time of the pandemic, everyone wants and is making an effort to boost immunity. Immunity can be boosted with lifestyle changes such as regularly exercising, minimizing stress, sleeping well, and by inculcating right eating habits. Right eating habits means eating healthy and natural, food free from chemicals. Again the concept of organic eating comes into discussion, organic food items are natural and tastes better, are chemical-free, have a lot more nutrients than the fruits and vegetables produced from other methods.
Stress-free digital life
This COVID-19 has left us with no option, knowingly or unknowingly; we have a stressful digital life. Nobody thought working from home would have affected the way it is having now. Every task is to be done digitally, which is also more time-consuming. For that matter, ordering groceries on online platforms is also an outcome of this pandemic. Post-COVID digital platforms will still be used as we have adopted it, but we need to keep a check on the limited and controlled way of using the digital world.
There are many changes that we had to incorporate in our lifestyle due to COVID-19 such as staying indoors, working from home, entertaining ourselves indoors, and exercising indoors. Also, the most significant change that we need to make is not polluting and damaging the environment. It has been seen and felt that due to less human movement, there is less air pollution, the lakes, seas and beaches are far cleaner than we imagined. Post COVID-19 we need to introspect on the way we were living our lives and impacting the environment. As of now, there is a long way to recovery; no one knows when life will become normal. Till then let us stay peaceful, healthy and stress-free.
Dr. Bhupesh Vashisht
Dr. Bhupesh Vashisht is a management professional and a key driver behind the genesis of ‘AAS Ayurveda’.
healthcare management background gives him a deep understanding of Indian healthcare systems, challenges it faces, and how these gaps can be filled with the help of the indigenous system of medicine which remained neglected until the last decade. He has worked with reputed Indian and international organizations like FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) and ILO (International Labour Organization) and the exposure of various healthcare projects helped him to possess the knowledge in the domains of Pharmaceutical Management, Micro Insurance, Healthcare Financing, Healthcare IT and Project Management. Dr. Bhupesh is an avid reader, diet consultant, fitness enthusiast, and writes blogs for EarthyTales. He is our in-house Expert Consultant ( Nutrition, Ayurveda).

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