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What comes to your mind if I throw random words at you like: DIY, BYOB, PAYOR, COD etc?

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You will immediately say Do It Yourself, Bring Your Own Booze, Park At Your Own Risk, Cash On Delivery. Right?

Now what if I ask you BYOI? I know it doesn’t make any sense, until I tell you it is Build Your Own Immunity.

Whhaattt?? Yes you read it right. And it’s so easy to do it.

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We are hit with this pandemic and the world as an entity is suffering. Who had thought in his/her wildest dreams, that a day will come when one would be forced to live in a bubble disconnected with everyone. You loved to party, to hang-out with your friends, take a holiday, go trekking, and what about those movie nights, pub crawls, socializing in the Food courts and each one’s list is unique and endless.

We are told that we need to live a new normal as the normal won’t be back. We are thrown with a new advisory every third day and at this moment what’s to be done and what’s not to be done is all mixed up.

So my view is that if we followed basic principles of living a holistic life, we would not have suffered so much and would have faced this virus with relative ease.

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And this virus comes as a most serious warning that we have ever received. But apart from this, there are several medical issues which relate to our reckless lifestyle and compromised immunity and are like a slow poison. But since the impact is seen after few years or even decades we choose to ignore it.

My main objective to guide the readers today is to have gratitude towards our own body and keep it safe. Now how does one do it?

Lot of products mushroomed during this pandemic to boost the immunity, ayurvedic products, supplements, decoctions. Well they serve the purpose, but a limited purpose. It’s a band aid solution. You can’t build your immunity overnight, with just these over the counter products. It’s like filling the car with petrol and changing the gear oil and keeps driving. What about changing the brake oil, cleaning the air filters, differential oil, greasing the body. Unless all is taken care, car will give up soon. And we know this and thus keep getting our cars serviced at regular intervals. Why can’t we do this to our body regularly?

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Enough of this crap, right? Come to the point. Why am I reading this?

Okay, so now that I’ve ignited a bit of curiosity in you, let’s see how do we BYOI (build your own immunity). Our immune system helps us fight the viruses and bacteria’s and keeps our body healthy and strong. Our Immune system is constantly at war with these predators keeping our body at peace.

What do I have to do? The only thing that you need to do is love your own body and everything will fall in place. You buy gifts for your loved ones isn’t it? And now that you love yourself, you need to do that to yourself too.

What gifts would suffice: Have a healthy lifestyle. It’s one statement but it conveys a lot.

Let’s enlist the basic ingredients first:

Physical Exercise:
Hit the Gym, but also take a long walk in the fresh air. Later does more good to you than the earlier. Take some sunshine and move out of your air conditioned spaces. Do some Yoga, Pranayam (breathing techniques) to keep your filters clean and the body agile.

Food for Soul:
A bit of meditation can release lot of stress and anxiety. It helps to keep oneself calm and composed and thus making the right decisions.

Good Food:
Eat wholesome food which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc. But more important is eat what is available during the season and avoid off season veggies and fruits. Make a switch. Shift to Organic food. Sorry to give the automobile example once again, but you know it that if you use substandard engine oil, car won’t last for long and engine’s life will be reduced dramatically. So make a switch to organic food which will give the essential nutrients to the body, without harming our system. This organic food is suddenly in demand and in vogue as people are realizing that it’s worth spending on safe food than spending on medicines later.

Healthy Diet:
Shed the junk out of your life. Go for greens; go for Organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Eliminate or reduce the sugar from your system. Sugar reduces your immunity levels. Shift to khand or jaggery powder instead.

Include millets in your diet like ragi and amaranth.

So these 4 things help you build you immunity system gradually on its own.

The whole Corona treatment is based on building your immunity as the researchers are yet to find the medication or vaccine for this deadly virus. Doctors are prescribing immunity supplements as a quick-fix solution, but we must understand immunity is inbuilt in our body and we need to enhance it by a process which includes, eating habits, physical exercises, healthy diet etc. and is built over a period of time.

If our immune system is strong, there have been cases where they contracted the virus but were not even aware of it or had very mild symptoms as their body fought it out. So doctors are pushing you to build your immunity as that’s the solution to combat this virus.

But I would say even after the vaccine is made, what is the guarantee that a new strain of virus will not emerge and could be more deadlier. So it’s high time that we build our immune system so strong that its able to fight the viruses naturally.

You would have noticed another thing that most fatalities occurred where there were other underlying medical conditions. And these conditions developed mainly due to lack of strong immune system. So the key word is strong immunity. And we know how to build this. It’s not a change that will come overnight, but you will see the difference in your life slowly, when you will find yourself more healthy, more happy and full of energy. That’s the real gratitude we offer to our own body.

Now that we know, we need to have a nutritious diet; we should also know how it works. If I am consuming an amla, I know that the vitamin C present in the amla is absorbed by my body. If I’m consuming moringa, I know my body is absorbing calcium and vitamins present in moringa in abundance. And what, if these are not grown naturally and organically? The pesticides, the insecticides, the chemical growth promoters sprayed on these plants also eventually get absorbed in our body when we eat these produce. So are we really building our immunity? Apparently not. It’s doing more damage than doing good.

As they say: Jaisa Ann, Waisa Tann aur Waisa Mann. We are what we eat.

Choose wisely. It’s your own body after all.

So what are you waiting for? Go BYOI

Thank You


Narinder Sondhi

Narinder Sondhi is an investment banker turned organic farmer. He has investment interests in hotel industry and is a passionate amateur cook. Loves reading about life, spirituality and organic food. He has co-founded Earthy Tales, a farm to fork organic food startup.

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