Why Organic Spices Are A Healthy Pantry Essential?

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Organic spices and herbs are also known as Indian masalas have been in the culture since ancient times. These were used by kings and queens also, and are also used by modern-day millennial. These are said to have medicinal, aromatic and of course culinary-related properties. Just like fruits and vegetables are counted in the list of organic products these days, spices and herbs also now constitute the same.

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What makes any spice or herb organic is the process of its growth. Those farmers who tend to follow a profit-earning approach often expose their crops to harmful pesticides and herbicide. But what makes organic spices and herbs different and healthy is the harmless process of their growth; these are allowed to grow at their own pace without any support of chemical fertilizers.

Using organic spices and herbs in everyday food benefit the individual in the following ways:

  • These help in proper digestion of the food and also detoxification of the body.
  • These also have anti-carcinogens which help in fighting cancer.
  • Dental health is also improved with the intake of organic spices and herbs.
  • These are also safe for sugar patients as these help in keeping blood sugar at a lower level.
  • Since these also contain antioxidants, which are very good for health; metabolism is well taken care of thereafter.

There are more than 100 types of spices that come under the organic category and are also referred to as Indian masalas; and these all have individual diverse benefits that provide good health and awesome taste to the individual. It can also be said that these organic spices and herbs are not only good for one’s taste buds but also the overall health of the human body.

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Eat healthy! Stay healthy!

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