8 Ways To Find Real Alphonso Mangoes


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As summer approaches, the excitement for the mango season, especially for the favorite Alphonso mangoes skyrockets. Alphonso mangoes known as the king of Mangoes come from Devgad, Maharashtra. These mangoes stand out for their unique aroma, taste, and quality. 

However, with numerous lookalike variants flooding the market, finding the real Devgad Alphonso mangoes from imposters is not an easy thing. 

To simplify the identification of Alphonso mangoes this summer season, we have come up with a short yet detailed guide to help you identify genuine Alphonso mangoes.

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So, What Are We Waiting For? Let’s Dive In And Find Out.

How To Identify Alphonso Mango

Here Are Some Tips On How To Identify Alphonso Mango For This Summer Season:

1. Aroma

The natural aroma of Alphonso is a key indicator of its authenticity. A real Alphonso mango has a strong fragrance that can fill a room, especially during ripening. This aroma is what sets it apart from other variants, which may have no smell or only a faint one.

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2. Look

Real Alphonso mangoes are known for their plump and roundish shape with a shallow stem region, different from the tapered appearance of other variants. This different shape, similar to a typical Bollywood hero’s confident posture, is a visual clue to its genuineness.

3. Color

Real Devgad Alphonso has a distinct gradient of yellow, green, and red hues. These are different from chemically ripened mangoes that show a uniform color. This natural variation in color is a testament to their organic growth and ripening process

4. Skin Texture

The skin of a genuine Alphonso mango is thin and soft to the touch. This indicates that they have gone through natural ripening. In comparison, look-alike variants often have thicker skin, a sign of artificial ripening processes.

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5. Taste & Texture

The taste of real Alphonso mangoes is not very fibrous. It has a distinct rich flavor that stays on your tongue, just like the aftertaste of your favorite song. The texture is creamy and soft,  which is a hallmark of its quality.

6. Weight

Authentic Alphonso mangoes have a substantial weight for their size. When you hold one in your hand, it should feel heavier than its appearance suggests. This weightiness is a sign that the fruit is dense, juicy flesh. This is what sets it apart from lighter, less flavorful alternatives.

7. Seasonal Availability

Devgad Alphonso mangoes have a limited seasonal window. They typically arrive in the market during late spring and early summer, from April to June. If you buy Alphonso mangoes outside this period, make sure you check carefully. Authenticity is closely tied to the fruit’s natural harvest cycle.

8. Geographical Origin Matters

The authenticity of Alphonso's mangoes is directly related to where it comes from. Original Alphonso Mangoes grows in Devgad Taluka, Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. Their different soil types and climatic conditions contribute to their unique taste and aroma. 

When purchasing Alphonso mangoes, make sure they come from the Devgad Region to enjoy the true essence of this exquisite fruit.

Remember, mastering the art of identification of real Alphonso mangoes involves engaging your senses—smell, sight, and taste. 

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Happy mango hunting, and may your summer be filled with the sweetest, sun-kissed delights! 

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