Should Desserts be the last or first in your meal?

Should Desserts be the last or first in your meal?

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Ayurveda has laid down certain guidelines regarding the manner in which the food is to be consumed.

Ayurveda, believes that our food should essentially contain in it all the six tastes. Ayurveda, has recommended a certain order in which these six tastes(rasa) are to be consumed.

The six tastes are Madhura (Sweet) Amla(Sour), lavana (salty), Katu (Pungent )Tikta (Bitter), and Kashaya (Astringent).

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Ayurveda says that the foods falling under all six tastes  (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent) should be eaten at every meal. In doing so, your taste buds are satisfied and your nutritional requirements are fulfilled. Foods that are sweet activate the taste buds, encourage saliva secretion and initiate the digestion process. Eating it at the beginning of a meal will help you absorb vitamins and nutrients better. If you eat sweets at the end of a meal it suppresses the digestive fire, and causes fermentation and indigestion leading to weight gain and other diseases .

Having a bite or two of sweet or a chunk or gur(jaggery) sweet right at the start of your meal activates the taste buds. Having them right at the end can put off the digestive fire. It may cause fermentation and indigestion due to the acidic secretions. This could also trigger gas formation and bloating.

Therefore start your meals with a bite of sweets.

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