Organic VS Non-Organic Cooking Oils: Are They Really That Different?

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Oil is essential for preparing any cuisine to be it sunflower oil, mustard oil or any other. It varies in fat content, flavour and heat roasting level. With the trend of consuming everything “organic”, there are discussions about the difference between organic and Non-organic cooking oils. For your health and fitness, you want to get the best quality oil for cooking. As a resident of places like Delhi, NCR and Gurgaon, you have easy accessibility of organic and non-organic oils. So, before preparing your shopping list, consider these differences:

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GMO VS Natural:
Initially, the GMO oilseeds were considered okay, but later it was found that it poses the threat of developing dangerous toxins that may lead to diseases. The seeds of the organically grown do not have any genetic changes done to increase nutritional value.

Eco-friendly Vs Non-eco-friendly:
Farmers use the chemicals to cultivate seeds in the form of farming fertilizers for non- organic oils. Its production is harmful to nature as the synthesized substances make the soil unproductive. The pesticides applied reduce the quality of the product and kills the biodiversity. To the complete opposite, the organic oil seeds are grown without any chemical substances. You don’t need to worry about any ill-effects on your health and environment. If you are environmentally conscious, naturally produce oils is the right choice.

Natural extraction Vs Chemical extraction:
The chemical solvent is used to extract non-organic oils from seeds. Its application on oilseeds pulls out the oil unnaturally. On the other hand, organic oils are extracted through an expeller machine. It is chemical-free and available in various varieties. You can even get natural regular and virgin coconut oil. Not only cooking oils but non-cooking ones such as flax oil is also organically produced.

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Hopefully, these points have made a clear distinction between organic and non-organic oil. Visit the online or offline stores in Delhi, NCR or Gurgaon and make your purchase.

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