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Amla has been used in Indian household for centuries. Do you know one Amla is equivalent to 20 oranges That is the power of Amla . Nature’s best source of Vitamin C
My observation over the years is when food is taken in the right form it works as medicine for the body, but the same food taken without knowing your body constitution and aggravation can effect adversely. What your neighbor or a friend is doing cannot be good for you too. No one glove fits all. Always consult a Vaidya or an expert before starting a diet regime.

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Health Benefits of Amla

Vata Body
If you have dry skin, joint issues, constipation, insomnia never have Amla in juice form , a shot or raw .
Grate an Amla add 2 spoons of sesame oil and have it followed by a cup of hot water
Parboil the Amla and then sauté it in sesame oil with turmeric salt black pepper and garam masala. Have it with meal as a fresh pickle

Pita Body
If you have skin condition then we use cow ghee for skin with amla. Acne , High Blood Pressure or acidity have Amla with ghee for 1 fresh grated Amla cooked in ghee to be had with lunch .Amla and Ghee are both Pita Pacifier Afternoon is the best time to have as that is the time of Pita dominance.

Kapha Body
Conditions like Obesity, Respiratory Diseases dominates the Kapha Body. The best way to have Amla is to grate and have it with honey and have it in the morning this will help in weight loss too.

Amla for Grey Hair and Hair Loss
Amla powder + Bhringraj powder 1 tsp after breakfast and dinner with 1/2 glass of warm water

Where you should buy Fresh Amla Online

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