Everything About: Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee

Everything About: Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee

Ghee is composed of a fatty component that is produced from the milk of domestic animals namely cow and buffalo. Ghee is made by adding milk first and then butter or by adding curd (yoghurt) of the milk and churning its cream. In Jaipur, ghee can also be made simply by accumulating the milk cream (chaali) and then heating it. These are the many conventional techniques utilized in the production of ghee all over the Indian and Asian continent. 

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Desi Ghee delivers a lot of healthful benefits. The nutritional content in ghee enhances mental and physical health. It possesses high medicinal value and is often considered medicine in Ayurveda. Ghee is consumed in a sattvic bhojan (healthy diet) since ancient times to eradicate symptoms of diseases from the body.

Ghee delivers healthy fat, which improves the functioning of the immune system and helps maintain liver and gut health. Consumption of homemade ghee is way better than the adulterated ghee available in the markets.

Chemistry of Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee

Aforementioned, ghee (both cow ghee and buffalo ghee) is hugely beneficial for our mental and physical health as it delivers tons of nutrients. It decreases the 'bad' bacteria in the intestines and enhances beneficial bacteria production,  providing nutrition to the body. Let us talk in detail about the chemistry between the two. 

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Buffalo milk is more decadent in consistency as compared to cow milk.

Cow ghee delivers better healthful benefits than buffalo ghee.

  • A buffalo gives more milk as compared to a cow.
  • Cow ghee is yellow in colour, lighter in texture, tastes delicious, and is amazing for health whereas Buffalo ghee is white with not many health benefits.
  • Cow ghee possesses innumerable amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calcium, whereas Buffalo ghee provides essential elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Cow’s ghee is often considered as nectar, which possesses numerous kinds of attributes that work as a medicine in Ayurveda whereas Buffalo ghee does not (as it is rich in fat only)
  • Cow ghee possesses a high amount of saturated fat (about 7.9 grams per serving) whereas buffalo ghee has 100% fat content with no additional healthful nutrients.
  • Cow ghee is rich in essential nutrients with antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant properties. It is high in calories as well. Buffalo ghee lacks all such properties.

Facts and Benefits about Cow Ghee and Buffalo Ghee

Cow ghee Vs Buffalo ghee, which is better? In Indian, both of them have a very special place in traditions, rituals and lifestyles. But which is better. To understand this, read about the beneficial properties of both. 

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Here are some notable facts and benefits of cow ghee and buffalo ghee. 


Indians prefer ghee produced from cows and buffalo's milk, mainly because they are considered sacred according to Hindu mythology.

In India, cooking oil such as vegetable oil, coconut, or olive oil isn't utilised as much as ghee.

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Buffalo ghee is rich in fats. Hence, buffalo ghee can be stored for longer durations whereas cow ghee cannot be preserved for long. 

Benefits of Cow Ghee over Buffalo Ghee:

  • Talking about health benefits, people who consume buffalo ghee are said to have lesser cholesterol issues, more calories, and more fat whereas people who consumed cow ghee had more cholesterol issues, fewer calories, and less fat.
  • Buffalo ghee is amazing for maintaining healthy bones, gaining weight (because of additional calories), enhancing cardiovascular muscle activity whereas cow ghee is good for losing weight (fewer calories), reducing obesity in children and adults.
  • Ghee can be taken by old people and children. But cow ghee offers better health benefits, especially in children than buffalo ghee. It eliminates obesity and decreases laziness. Healthy organic cow ghee helps soothe conditions such as cough and cold, and phlegm issues. 
  • One can even massage cow's ghee (after heating) onto the chest to improve breathing. Buffalo ghee should be intaken only by those who are engaged in physical, strenuous work.
  • Ghee helps in weight management. Cow ghee enables us to maintain the metabolism rate in the body as it contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It helps in maintaining weight. CLA helps reduce weight and sugar-associated conditions and keeps insulin levels low. Cow ghee does not create extra fat in the body, but buffalo ghee does.
  • Consuming cow ghee for skin is extremely beneficial as u is rich in antioxidants, which retains glowing skin, and fights free radicals. It reduces dryness, making the skin soft and moisturising it. Cow ghee even eliminates multiple skin conditions. 

Why is Cow Ghee Better than Buffalo Ghee?

Ghee obtained from bovine milk contains the high medicinal value and delivers innumerable health benefits. Ghee contains water, milk proteins (whey and casein), and butterfat (primary component). Let's dive right into understanding why cow ghee is adequately better than buffalo ghee.

Cow ghee is adequate for digestion

Cow ghee benefits in enhancing digestive stability by rekindling the secretion of enzymes. Cow ghee is modest to consume and metabolism as it includes poorer chain fatty acids. A person with vulnerable digestion must expend cow ghee so that their body can crush down their diet in a nicer manner.

Cow ghee for bones health

Consuming cow ghee helps in improving and maintaining bone stability and strength. It is the wealthiest origin of fat-soluble vitamins and assists in the active growth of the brain as well, also strengthening their natural functioning. Cow ghee enhances the body's immunity against various illnesses by developing the tissues of the body. 

Proficiency of the brain like remembrance and intelligence also enhance due to the regular diet of cow ghee.

Cow ghee for heart patients

Cow ghee comprises vitamin K2, which benefits in lessening the arteries’ calcium concentration, therefore preserving against the arteries’ calcification. It enables the heart to perform well by reducing fatal blood cholesterol levels and improving the adequate blood cholesterol level. Desi cow furnishes good fat and this is the reason it assists in maintaining good heart health.

Cow ghee for babies

Kids should consume cow ghee. It gives kids satisfactory nourishment for their strong improvement and strengthening of muscles, bones, teeth,  brain, etc. It provides instant stability to the children and fulfills their requirement for an additional gain in energy.

Cow ghee for immune system

Cow Ghee enhances kids’ eyesight, remembrance power, and immunity status, strong bones, and muscles. It safeguards malnutrition and fat-soluble vitamin depletion disorder. Cow Ghee also facilitates the improvement of the brain and improves the memory retaining capacity in children.

Cow ghee for better eyesight

A paste made of flour and herbal cow ghee is applied around the eyes of children. The person is asked to open and close the eyes many times during this process. According to Ayurveda, this very procedure is utilised to improve eyesight, enhance vision, and improve the ability of eyes.

Cow ghee for bone health

Cow ghee is an outstanding biological moisturizer and lubricator, which specializes adequately for retaining the flexibility of bone joints. The vitamin and antioxidant dose of cow ghee is a promising anti-ageing substance resulting in an anti-ageing effect.

Cow ghee for gut aptitude and additional health circumstances 

Consuming desi cow ghee reasonably is demanded and suggested by many health experts because it upholds gut health by providing biological butyrate, which is a realistic treatment of constipation and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which gives birth to a common disease for contemporary era due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Cow ghee as an anti-diabetic

Consuming ghee with rice, roti reduces the glycemic index or glycaemic index (GI) level, which is promising for communities suffering from diabetes or adiposity. Consuming cow ghee regularly benefits you to maintain a diabetes-free body. 

Assists in regulating calorie intake

Reasonable consumption of cow ghee benefits in regulating a portion of packing food as it functions as packing food and thus benefits in maintaining weight surveillance policies with quicker outcomes. Nowadays, the current generation is relatively attentive about their figure supervision. Therefore ghee acts as a biological aspect to be in proper shape with a workout and active lifestyle.

Between cow ghee vs buffalo ghee have you decided which one is better for you? 

So, at the end of the article, you must have realized that consuming any of the two ghees have benefits of their own. You may go for any of them according to your need and consume it by glancing over your health accordingly. Numerous people consume the ghees for weight loss, some of them help use it for weight gain and many for other heart-related problems. 

You all must understand that consuming ghee as everyday sustenance can be extremely useful for your fitness and for your body improvement.

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