Ways to Check If Your Food Is Organic or Not

Ways to Check If Your Food Is Organic or Not

"Food" was just labeled as food and was not categorized into any kind. It was only, after the Green Revolution, in India, we started cultivating crops via various artificial methods to fulfill the need of the large population.  The revolution promoted the use of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. These sprays focused on bettering the quality of the crops, but over a while, they started doing the opposite. The food we consume has become the entry point of unwanted chemicals in our system and disrupt our health. In return, the food becomes the root cause of many ailments.  Over the past few years, we have again gone back in time and started producing chemical-free food products and call them 'organic food.'  

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There is an increasing demand for organic food items in the food bazaars due to awareness of ill chemical-based farming shooting the price of organic food. Scamsters have taken unfair advantage of this and are shoving chemically filled food in the name of organic food and making money. If you are looking for a lifestyle turnaround and sustainability and want to go all-natural, you must learn to differentiate between authentic organic and fake organic food products.    Here is how you can investigate:  

  • Logo check

We see evident green and red dots on our packets indicating the food item being veg or non-veg. Similarly, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and other organizations working in the field have introduced different logos to help consumers identify authentic organic products  

  • Beauty in the beast

Natural organic food does not wear makeup. It will not be shiny, comes in odd shapes and sizes, and is not uniformly coloured. If your fruits and veggies have defined bumps and edges, then pick those from your vegetable vendors.  

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  • Sharpen your nose for the Smell Test

The aroma and texture of organic food are different €” very potent. Natural spices will have a strong fragrance and flavour as they retain their oil content. The smell of mangoes, coriander, ginger, turmeric will gush in your nose if organic.  

  • Flavour-e-azam

Organic food is filled with natural nutrients and thus is extremely flavourful. The fruits will be juicier, vegetables will be crunchier and spices super intense. You may also feel fuller much easily while eating as it is rich in its nutrient and fibre content.  

  • Say hello to your tiny friends

Worms, insects or keedas as we call them are a sign of natural products. If your food items have come from the earth directly, they will have insects at times. When seen all you need to do is wash the grains or sun the veggies just like your granny.  

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  • Long-lasting

It is untrue that organic products have a short shelf life. It is a proven fact that natural items do not have any extra added preservatives and other chemicals which make them last longer inside and outside the refrigerator.  

  • Cooks faster

Organically grown food always cooks much faster. Food with pesticides needs to be cooked for much longer periods.   

So next time make sure to wear your food inspector hat while shopping for your food items. And yes, stay away from the fraudulent vegetable vendors trying to sell those polished products. At Earthy Tales, we can assure you that whatever we deliver is straight from the farm, organically grown without any pesticides, and totally fresh.  WhatsApp Earthy Tales on +91-93118 25942 and you can start receiving a regular supply of fresh, organic, healthy food at your doorstep. Let's take the first step towards healthy living!"

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Earthy Tales was founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE & PEPSI alumni who quit his corporate life of two decades after his mother was diagnosed with carcinoma, to bring about a change in how we grow and consume our food🌱

Earthy Tales is an award-winning, social impact organization which mentor’s organic farmers to grow chemical-free food and home delivers the same in NCR. They are championing the cause of Sustainability with both farmers and city communities, thereby also building a greener planet. Currently working closely with 500+ organic farmers, Earthy Tales is a global case study for positively impacting the city and farming communities and also a government-incubated agri set-up in the Organic food space.

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