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Earthy Tales Organics is a new-age organization that's on a mission to bring a revolution in the way agriculture is done by making it sustainable and natural. Recently, we embarked on an inspiring trip to the heart of Rajasthan, to the quaint village of Kalgav, where we conducted an immersive training session on organic farming at the enchanting farm of Bharth Singh Ji. This was one of the events where 16 farmers, eager to learn, were brought together to witness something promising that was not just educational but transforming in the manner of their farming.

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Imagine that you are on Bharth Singh Ji's farm, amidst rich green fields, the peace of his farm, in the quiet village of Kalgav, Jhunjhunu district. Bharth Singh Ji has been a hardcore propagator of organic farming and has been practicing it on his lands for years now, making his farm an epicenter of sustainable agriculture.

At once, they plunged into the world of organic farming. There were full smiles on the farmers' faces, and they were eager to know all the advantages of the practice. Instantly, our expert trainers embarked on the basics: soil health, the magic of pest control, and the secrets of composting. It was not just a lecture over the topics but an invitation to a new style of farming.

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The topics that stood out were the practical session on composting techniques, in which farmers watched with dropped jaws as waste materials were turned into humus, from which was made nutrient-rich compost in ways that are natural, thus reducing chemical fertilizers. Equally amazing was the session on natural pest control, where farmers learned how to make effective pest repellents from neem oil and other botanical extracts—nature's own solutions to some of the common problems they face in farming.

As the training continued, emphasis was slowly directed to soil health. This found resonance with the farmers. They learned how to increase soil fertility using green manure and crop rotation, among other practices, which not only increase crop yield but also take care of the land in the long term. Such practical demonstrations turned out to be an eye-opener since they gave real steps that could be initiated immediately by farmers.

The energy was palpable in the farm. They were not mere farmers who sat and listened to speakers; rather, they were a group eager to ask questions and share their experiences. A participant,

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Ramesh, will not keep still, saying, "This training has opened my eyes to the potentials in organic farming. I can't wait to try these techniques on my farm."

Another farmer, Sita Ram, said, "The practical demonstrations were so good. I learn how to make compost and how to control pests in an organic way."

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The good thing about such training is not the knowledge per se. On the application side, these farmers are going to generate healthier crops, fertile soils, and environmental conservation on organic practices. Besides, organic produce often fetches a premium, which provides good economic prospects for the farmers and their communities.

In the future, Earthy Tales Organics will strive to support the process of propagating the organic revolution. Several training sessions plus follow-up support will be given to ways that are productive so that farmers will be able to make the transition to organic agriculture. The success of such training programs with individual farm families, like Bharth Singh Ji's, is one small measure of a much larger movement towards sustainable agriculture.

To sum up, training organically at Bharth Singh Ji's farm is more like a journey through transformation ahead of a mere educational event. The enthusiasm from the farmers and the positive feedback obviously cursorily brings out the fact that organic farming's deepest reach into transforming lives and communities is potentially possible.

Earthy Tales Organics will be by your side as a partner on this journey toward a better, sustainable, and more prosperous future for all our farmers and, by extension, the world at large. It's time for you to be part of our journey in exactly what we talked about: empowering farmers and cultivating a greener, healthier planet, one farm at a time.

Earthy Tales Organics was founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE & PEPSI alumni who quit his corporate life of two decades after his mother was diagnosed with carcinoma, to bring about a change in how we grow and consume our food🌱

Earthy Tales is an award-winning, social impact organization which mentor’s organic farmers to grow chemical-free food and home delivers the same in Pan India. They are championing the cause of Sustainability with both farmers and city communities, thereby also building a greener planet. Currently working closely with 500+ organic farmers, Earthy Tales is a global case study for positively impacting the city and farming communities and also a government-incubated agri set-up in the Organic food space.

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