Farmer Rajender Prasad - Rajasthan

Rajender Prasad

His forefathers have been doing farming & he started Organic Farming 6 yrs ago. He is growing Sarson, Jowar, Cauliflower, Green chilli, Tomato, Palak. Organic farming has reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, facilitates healthy soil formation.

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You know what makes him do this “main chahta hun ki hamara desh, apka parivaar swasth rahe - yehi mera lakshya hai & main chahta hun aap bhi issi lakshya ko apnaye”.


He is happy to serve us tasty & healthy food.

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Earthy Tales Organics was founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE & PEPSI alumni who quit his corporate life of two decades after his mother was diagnosed with carcinoma, to bring about a change in how we grow and consume our food🌱

Earthy Tales is an award-winning, social impact organization which mentor’s organic farmers to grow chemical-free food and home delivers the same in Pan India. They are championing the cause of Sustainability with both farmers and city communities, thereby also building a greener planet. Currently working closely with 500+ organic farmers, Earthy Tales is a global case study for positively impacting the city and farming communities and also a government-incubated agri set-up in the Organic food space.

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