Major Reasons For Switching To Cold-Pressed Oils

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As our ancestors did more than a thousand years ago, cold-pressed oils are organically extracted from seeds, nuts, and even vegetables under moderate pressure. When used in cooking, especially in Indian cuisine, these oils add flavour to your food and are more nutrient-rich for your body than highly refined oils.

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Why are cold pressed oils better?

The properties of cold-pressed oil, which has a higher phenolic and nutritional content than expeller-pressed oil because it is processed at lower temperatures, are not altered. Organic cold-pressed oils are ideal for cooking and skincare needs because they retain their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value. Natural cold-pressed oil is very healthy because it contains only organic nutrients and flavour. The safest, most organic extraction method is cold pressing, which is more expensive because it takes longer and yields lower amounts of product.

Benefits of Switching to Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are excellent for your health and appearance. Cold-pressed oil has a unique aroma and flavour because it is not heated or exposed to chemical solvents. The abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other necessary nutrients for your health, skin, and hair gives it all the goodness of nature.

Low cholesterol levels

Cold-pressed oils are extracted using less heat, preserving all of the nutrition. They are great for the skin and aid in weight loss. After all, they are simple to digest because they have low cholesterol levels.

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Weight loss

When chemical-free cold-pressed oils are extracted, they are subjected to less heat. It keeps nutrition intact and aids in weight loss. As a result of the low cholesterol content, food prepared in cold-pressed oil is simple to digest and keeps your skin clear.
Use small amounts of cold-pressed oils at first because it might take your body some time to adjust, especially if you've been using refined oil for a while. Make sure to use these oils within three to four months because they are chemical- and preservative-free. Keep it cool and in a dark container.

No harmful chemicals present

Many chemicals, including hydrogen oxide, sodium bicarbonate, hexane, and others, are used during the refining process. While cold-pressed oils are natural and free of chemicals like BHT, gallate, propyl, etc., they serve as preservation agents. They are poisonous. Therefore, switching to cold-pressed oils is the best option if you prefer using organic foods and avoiding chemicals.

Increases immune system

Organic and chemical-free cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and naturally occurring antioxidants that help lessen the effects of free radicals on your body's cells.

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Therefore, you have enough good reasons to replace your refined oils with healthier cold-pressed ones. Additionally, you can transition to a holistic way of living and pamper your skin and hair with the benefits of cold-pressed oil.



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